The multimeter

for the laser.


Introducing Coher Sense's KISA Sensor — The Multimeter for Lasers.

KISA is a next generation fiber optical sensor that enables fast and accurate measurements of laser’s wavelength, power and bandwidth – all in real-time and all in one place.

Ideal for developers, machine operators, and users, our sensor is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to large spectrometers, delivering sub-picometer reliable results.


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Who We Are

Coher Sense is a technology company specializing in advanced fiber optical sensors. Founded by a team of industry experts and researchers, we are committed to revolutionizing the way you measure and analyze laser systems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify complex measurement processes, making them more efficient, reliable, and accessible. We strive to eliminate the need for cumbersome devices and intricate calibration processes, replacing them with our cutting-edge KISA sensors.

Our Journey

Since our inception, we have been committed to research and development, leading us to the creation of the groundbreaking KISA sensor. As we continue to grow, we are excited to expand our product range and offer even more innovative solutions for various industries.


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Source: Wirtschaftsförderung Lübeck
Dr. Oliver Lischtschenko

Dr. Oliver Lischtschenko

Mathias Groß

Mathias Groß

Katarzyna Szykula-Meurs

Katarzyna Szykula-Meurs

Dr. Patrick Schmidt-Kaeding

Dr. Patrick Schmidt-Kaeding



At Coher Sense, we recognize the value of strategic partnerships in accelerating innovation and broadening the impact of our technologies. While we are in the early stages of our journey, we are actively exploring collaborations across various sectors, from technology and academia to healthcare and government.

Open for Collaboration

We're always eager to join forces with organizations that share our commitment to innovation, reliability, and excellence. Whether you're an industry leader or an emerging start-up, we're open to collaborations that can bring mutual benefits and elevate the field of optical sensing.

A Partnership with Coher Sense

Embarking on a partnership with Coher Sense offers the opportunity to be at the forefront of optical sensing technology. Our dedication to innovation and excellence is matched only by our commitment to ethical practices and sustainable solutions. With a team rich in interdisciplinary expertise, we provide a fertile ground for collaborative research, development, and market transformation.

We believe that the future holds exciting possibilities for partnerships that can redefine the landscape of optical sensing technology.